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Killing rats with baking soda

Rats are only dear to very few people who have kept them as pets. But to all other people, they are trouble creators. No one wants to see them in their houses or at other unnecessary places. Their presence can be encountered at almost all places, mostly they live in gutters or other waste disposals, they enter the houses in search of their food and once they get to find the food in your house they will make their roosting in there. Several people follow many different methods to get rid of these irritating creatures. There are many rat killing poisons and other traps available but at times when you don't have any poison or traps and don't even have enough time to go for them. Killing them with baking soda is the option that could help you get rid of them.

Why baking soda could be used as rat killing poison?

The baking soda contains an acid in it known as bicarbonate acid. When rats eat baking soda, this acid enters their body and reacts with the acids of rats' stomach and this reaction causes the production of carbon dioxide gas. Due to the rats' disability to pass the gas, the gas produced by this reaction gets stored inside the rat and causes the internal damage by spreading poison in the whole of the rats' body that result in the death of the rat.

How to kill rats with baking soda?

In order to kill rats with baking soda, the first thing that you have to do is to follow safety precautions.

First of all, cover your hands with the safety gloves and remove all the sources of food or leftover from the place where you want to kill the rat.
The second step would be to make the poisonous mixture. You can combine water and some other food like chocolate that would attract the rats towards it with the excessive amount of baking soda. It actually takes two to three grams of baking soda to cause proper poison to the rats.
After preparing that mixture, place some amount of that mixture on several places where you expect the rat to go. And your part of killing is ended; now the rat is the one who has to continue this process.
Once you have placed that mixture in places, the rat will get attracted to it because of food substances contained in it, and when that mixture will be eaten by the rat it will cause the acidic reaction defined earlier inside the rat that will lead him to the death.

Bottom line:

Rats possess a strong community system, due to which they can overcome little disorders inside them. In order to get proper results by using baking soda, you have to ensure the proper amount of baking soda that is used to kill rats. Otherwise, with a little amount of it, rats will survive the poison as they wander in search of food or water after eating the baking soda. Sometimes it might take weeks for the rat to be dead by eating baking soda.

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